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Recent Development in Hereditary Cancer Screening and Pharmacogenomic Testing – Current U.S. Clinical Perspective

1st Seminar (7:00-7:40 pm)

Recent advancements in next generation sequencing (NGS) based multi-gene testing panels in hereditary cancer clinical diagnosis
  • Speaker: Lily Servais, MS, LCGC
  • Color Genomics, USA

2nd Seminar (7:40-8:20 pm)

Personalizing medication management - Insight into the clinical benefits of implementing pharmacogenomic testing into clinical practice
  • Speaker: Ryan Gregg, Ph.D.
  • OneOme, USA


1st Seminar Abstract:

  • Approximately 10% of all cancers are associated with hereditary cancer syndromes. Current recommendations for testing are primarily based on family/personal history of cancer. Because of phenotypic variability, etc. some carriers may be missed.
  • Clinical utility studies to date have largely focused on these high-risk populations, and thus, clinical utility in a broader population has yet to be defined.
  • To address this, we validated a 30-gene test for 8-hereditary cancers that is offered through a low-cost, easy-access delivery model.
  • We will report clinical test results from both the U.S. and Asian populations, and evaluate current recommendations provided by the U.S. National Comprehensive Cancer Network (NCCN)

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2nd Seminar Abstract:

  • Pharmacogenomics is the science underlying the impact of specific genetic variants on the metabolism and mechanism of action of different medications.
  • Physicians can now gain insight into which medications may pose additional risk of toxicity, lack of efficacy, or side effects.
  • In this seminar, we will -
    • Highlight medications that are impacted by pharmacogenomic variants in cardiology, psychiatry, and oncology, with supporting clinical evidence.
    • Present patient cases where pharmacogenomic testing may be beneficial in optimizing medication selection and dosing.
    • Discuss the services available through OneOme’s unique provider web portal supporting pharmacists and physicians at point-of-prescription


  • Reception: 6:30-7:00 pm
  • 1st Seminar: 7:00 -7:40 pm
  • 2nd Seminar: 7:40 -8:20 pm
  • Q&A with panel discussions: From 8:20 pm until all questions addressed
  • Refreshment with beverages served throughout the event