Rainbow Genomics宣佈整合洛杉磯加州大學(UCLA)臨床基因組學中心的臨床分析和報告服務, 支持全外顯子組測序檢測

Rainbow Genomics Announces the Integration of Clinical Interpretation Services from the UCLA Clinical Genomics Center Supporting Whole Exome Sequencing Tests

  • Rainbow Genomics成功整合洛杉磯加州大學臨床基因組學中心分析和報告服務, 提供完整的外顯子組測序檢測,涵蓋大量的成人和兒童遺傳疾病。

  • 基於明確醫學證據的臨床報告將由臨床基因組學中心的基因組委員會進行審查之後簽發. 這個委員會是由一個跨學科的專業團隊組成, 其中包括醫生, 專科醫師, 臨床遺傳學家, 生物信息專家和研究教授, 確保對每位患者疾病情況進行最全面的評估。

HONG KONG and SAN FRANCISCO (PRWEB) April 26, 2018 -- Hong Kong-based Rainbow Genomics
announced the contracting of data analysis and clinical interpretation services with the UCLA Clinical
Genomics Center. This process is coupled with Rainbow Genomics’ whole exome sequencing performed at its
CAP-accredited laboratory. The fully-integrated capabilities deliver whole exome sequencing tests covering
cardio, adult and pediatric genetic disorders. Clinical reports based on clear medical evidence will be issued by
U.S. board-certified medical directors at the UCLA Clinical Genomics Center.

These tests are exome-sequencing-based, covering over 22,000 genes, which may increase diagnostic yields
(identifying the cause of a disorder), and cover Asian-specific genes that may not be included in many
microarray- or panel-based gene tests.

Limited by traditional testing of only tens or even hundreds of genes at a time, many patients with suspected
genetic disorders have suffered for years without obtaining a diagnosis, a frustrating process often described as
a “Diagnostic Odyssey”. Whole exome sequencing is increasingly adopted by clinicians in the U.S. to quickly
obtain a diagnosis for these “unresolved” cases. With a diagnosis, physicians can predict the course of the
disorder, provide a prognosis, and in certain cases, treat the disorder. The families, especially those with
pediatric patients, can understand the genetic risks for other family members, and seek access to appropriate
support networks.

UCLA Clinical Genomics Center is one of the first U.S. medical institutions offering clinical-grade whole
exome sequencing for diagnosis of pediatric and adult genetic disorders. Leveraging their extensive expertise in
diagnosis and treatment of hereditary diseases, Rainbow Genomics is committed to helping Asian patients by
resolving their clinical cases. These undiagnosed cases, especially in the pediatric area, remain as a substantial
medical burden for many local communities.

“The UCLA Clinical Genomics Center is delighted to extend our services and expertise to the Asian
populations served by Rainbow Genomics," said Dr. Wayne Grody, Director of Molecular Diagnostics for the
UCLA Health system. “While those countries have robust economies and impressive technology, they have
remained underserved in the areas of genetic testing and genomic medicine. This collaboration will go a long
way toward growing these services, with benefits on both sides of the Pacific."

“Rainbow Genomics is committed to bringing evidence-based genetic tests, supported by 'actionable' findings,
to patients in Asia Pacific,” Said Daniel Siu, CEO of Rainbow Genomics. “Currently, obtaining a whole exome
sequencing test from a leading U.S. medical institution without insurance coverage is prohibitively expensive.
The relationship between UCLA Clinical Genomics Center and Rainbow Genomics enables many middle-class
families to access exceptionally-high-quality exome sequencing genetic tests that may finally provide a
diagnosis, something that these families have been seeking for years."

About Rainbow Genomics
Rainbow Genomics is committed to providing clinically-validated and affordable genetic tests to patients in
Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore and other Asian countries. The company delivers clinical interpretations
specifically for Asians, based on expert understanding of their genetics, and medical care experience in Hong
Kong, Japan, and the United States. Rainbow Genomics specializes in providing whole exome sequencing and
pharmacogenomic tests to enable physicians to use genomic information for diagnosis, treatment, and disease
prevention. Visit us at rainbowgenomics.com.