Clinical Genomics Center

Rainbow Genomics contracts with the UCLA Clinical Genomics Center.

Utilizing our expertise in Pediatrics, Human Genetics, and Pathology, the UCLA Clinical Genomics Center provides a comprehensive analysis and diagnostic interpretation of a patient's entire protein-encoding genome by searching through 37 million base pairs in 20,000 genes to potentially locate the single DNA change responsible for the patient's disorder.

Genomic Data Board

Our approach to data interpretation is unparalleled. Raw data is filtered through our bioinformatics pipeline and variants are selected for review by our Genomic Data Board.  Our Board is comprised of an interdisciplinary team of professionals and includes input from the patient's clinician.  Our Board's expertise and experience assures the most thorough evaluation of each patient's data.

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Baylor Genetics

Baylor Genetics, an affiliate of the #1 NIH-funded genetics program at Baylor College of Medicine, has been a pioneer of precision medicine for nearly 40 years. Today, we offer a full spectrum of cost-effective genetic testing providing clinically relevant solutions. Our unmatched experience delivers a combination of advanced technology, deep patient data sets, and genetic talent that leads accurate interpretations of the most complex cases.

The clinical utility of our tests and the care we take to educate providers and patients is in our DNA. We’re complemented by the entire Baylor College of Medicine staff of medical geneticists, faculty, genetic counselors, and researchers who help us drive discoveries and testing. By bridging academic and operational excellence, Baylor Genetics offers the medical community an extensive testing menu, access to world-renowned experts, and the confidence to provide patients with answers.

Baylor Genetics, located in Houston’s Texas Medical Center, serves clients in 50 states and 16 countries. Connect with us via our website (bmgl.com), Twitter (@baylorgenetics), Facebook (facebook.com/baylorgenetics), or LinkedIn (linkedin.com/company/baylorgenetics).

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OneOme was established by Invenshure and Mayo Clinic to provide a comprehensive, cost-effective pharmacogenomic solution integrated into patients’ everyday clinical care.

OneOme’s key product offering is the RightMed® pharmacogenomic test, a physician-ordered genetic test that predicts how a patient’s DNA and current prescriptions may affect their response to medications.

The analysis is provided to the physician in the form of static and interactive reports that identifies which prescription drugs are — or aren’t — likely to work.

This information can help providers make better prescription decisions, protect patients from adverse drug reactions and drug ineffectiveness, and reduce healthcare costs.

Our mission is to deliver the most cost-effective, comprehensive, clinically actionable pharmacogenomic (PGx) testing and tools for all providers and patients worldwide.

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Color Genomics


Color is a modern health service that applies expertise in robotics, genomics, software and design to a crucial healthcare challenge: preventing or detecting conditions where early knowledge can improve health outcomes and reduce treatment costs. Color's affordable, clinical-grade genetic tests help people understand their risk for hereditary cancer and heart conditions - knowledge that they and their doctors can use to create personalized health plans. Color tests are physician-ordered and include complimentary access to board-certified genetic counselors for clients and healthcare providers.


Baylor College of Medicine


As a product of the Department of Molecular and Human Genetics at Baylor College of Medicine in collaboration with Baylor Genetics, Consultagene leverages the intellectual capital of the department's faculty, 180 members strong, and healthcare providers.

This group includes the following:


Education.  Access educational videos, pamphlets, and web-based resources that are personally selected by experts to fit your situation and your genetic health concerns.

Genetic Counseling.  In-depth counseling with one of our certified genetic counselors through our secure, self-scheduled portal to answer your genetic health questions and to connect you with the next steps.

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